5 Weeks in Nicaragua

Hola, readers! I apologize that I haven’t updated my blog in a while. Work, travel, and studying have kept me rather busy! Lately, I’ve been traveling a lot for my job, which I’ve slowly come to realize is far less glamorous than one would expect. When I was younger, I was always jealous of people who got to traveling on business.

However, there is nothing glamorous about my life lately, and my recent itineraries of shuffling between Seattle, Raleigh, Columbus, and Milwaukee is exhausting. On the plus side though, I have accumulated a ton of airline miles towards future trips! Needless to say, I was delighted to finally fit in some travel that was actually enjoyable earlier this year (besides my trip to Barcelona, of course!)

During a lull at my job over the summer, I spent roughly six weeks working (remotely) and playing from Nicaragua! Nicaragua ended up being one of the most unique places I’ve visited yet, and the perfect backdrop for a memorable summer.

Little Corn Island

So, why visit Nicaragua? I’d been dying to visit this gem in Central America ever since I heard about the low prices. Upon further reading about Nicaragua’s amazing coffee, yoga, and diving, I was sold. Still, I hadn’t traveled much in Central America and wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Traveling with no expectations proved to be wise, as there were a lot of highs and lows throughout the trip.


Some of the highs included learning how to dive off the coast of Little Corn Island, spending a week on a mystical farm on Isla de Ometepe (seriously, the place was called Finca Mystica and I can’t recommend it enough), and indulging in a week of hammock chilling and yoga near Playa Maderas.



I’m trying not to dwell on the lows, but unfortunately some serious shit did go down in Nicaragua. I lost my money belt, I was almost attacked by a stray dog, and I lost count of the amount of times I was blatantly ripped off, which was partially thanks to my lackluster Spanish.


I spent a lot of time thinking about how to share my experiences in Nicaragua. Wrapping up six weeks of adventure into just a few posts simply seemed too overwhelming. So, I’ve decided to provide a week by week recap of my travel, including my favorite places, budget, and activity. Ideally, it will look very similar to my Thailand series.  So, stay tuned to hear more about my experience as a solo female in Nicaragua.

If you’ve already visited, I’m dying to hear your opinion; I heard so many mixed impressions and opinions while I was down there!


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