I’m Allison, a 20-something travel lover claiming residency in the Seattle area when I’m not traveling! After living vicariously through enjoying so many other travel blogs, I finally decided to start documenting my own travels.


I am fortunate to have a family member working for a major airline, which provides me with essentially free airfare, and sometimes even a cheap seat in First Class! As such, I’ve been able to travel extensively over the last several years, including  trips to Turkey, Japan, Brazil, Hungary, Germany, Nicaragua, Argentina, Thailand, Portugal, Hungary and more! So far, I’ve hit 36 countries and 4 continents.

My first experience traveling alone was to Istanbul in 2014, and I’ve been hooked on solo travel ever since. I’m also a huge advocate of gap years after spending an amazing year working and studying in Germany. As a result, I’m obsessed with all things German, and have visited Germany more times than I care to admit. While traveling, I also enjoy scuba diving, hiking, local markets, and boutique hotels.

Sole Female Travel Istanbul

My aim with this blog is to provide helpful information for other travelers, and hopefully inspire others to leave their comfort zone and explore!

I love hearing from readers and other bloggers! Connect with me via Twitter, Facebook or e-mail!