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Finding an Airbnb in Buenos Aires

Frustrated with Washington DC’s cold winters and high rent, I decided to head south to Buenos Aires for the winter. With my laptop and freelance work in tow, I spent two nights at a hostel before realizing I would need somewhere I could focus.

My previous Airbnb experience was limited, as I had only used it to rent a cheap condo for a weekend in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The experience was okay for the price, but left a lot to be desired. As a result, I was skeptical to try Airbnb again. However, the hotel scene in Buenos Aires didn’t seem like a great long-term option, so I decided to give Airbnb in Buenos Aires another shot.

Upon browsing, I realized that not only was Airbnb a much more economical choice than a hotel or even a private room in a hostel, but Buenos Aires seems to have a surplus of  Airbnb rentals. There are literally hundreds of options across the city, with private apartments ranging from as little as $20 USD per night.

So many choices!

I ended up choosing a cute studio in one of the city’s chicest neighborhoods, Palermo Hollywood. The user had no ratings, but I was sold on the cute decor and perfect location. It ended up being the ideal place for me to get some work done, and offered easy access to all of the city’s cultural offerings, including Palermo’s nightlife.

My Airbnb host ended up being a great resource for restaurant suggestions, and lesser-known attractions! It was also great to have a kitchen, since I love checking out grocery stores abroad. The pictures below don’t fully capture the studio’s charm:

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Best of all, my lovely little studio’s monthly rate was definitely cheaper than a hostel. However, it was still way more expensive than finding an apartment using the same methods a local would use. If you’re on a tighter budget, you can also rent out shared rooms or a private room from local hosts.

The only real drawback was that it was more difficult to meet people than in a hostel, but for me it was well worth it for the extra privacy. Check out my following post for tips on how to make friends in Buenos Aires!

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