On My List: Malta

As I’ve been traveling more and more for work, I’ve had less time to travel for fun! As a result, my bucket list has reached epically long proportions. My new-found love for scuba diving hasn’t helped as well, as now I’m always on the hunt for new dive spots!
Summer 2016 has barely ended but I’ve already started planning my Summer 2017 getaway with my boyfriend. After scouring Lonely Planet and Pinterest for romantic European destinations I haven’t already visited, we finally decided on Malta! I can hardly believe I’ve overlooked this little gem of a country near Sicily for so long. While my boyfriend may be content visiting Greece a zillion times, I definitely am not and can’t wait to explore Malta.
15427945608_8fbfe70103_zSo, what am I looking forward to the most!? It’s hard to say with all the gorgeous photos I’ve found on Pinterest, along with the mouthwatering food pics! The diving in Malta also seems pretty spectacular with tons of incredible wreck sites off the coasts. Plus it’s one of the last places on earth to catch a glimpse of the rare sea perch.
It’s also reassuring to know that Malta has plenty of great lodging, especially dreamy rentals from Chesterton’s, which offers stunning houses and apartment rentals! I think what I’m most looking forward to Malta is waking up to this view every day!
Is it too early to start packing!? If you’ve visited Malta already, what can’t I miss? 


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