Tips on Visiting Egypt

Visiting a new country can be exciting and at the same time daunting. This is especially true in a place where you don’t speak the language. With that said, if you’re visiting a new country, it is also advisable that you learn a little bit about the customs, culture, and language to really fit in.

Egypt is one of the most visited countries in the world. So far this year, Egypt has welcomed over 432,000 visitors. Despite being a well-known tourist destination, Egypt remains a conservative country with few English speakers. If you’re planning on visiting Egypt soon, here are some things that you may want to consider when you step off the plane.

Learn How to Politely Say No

Egyptians are very hospitable, and they will accompany tourists as they walk along busy places. A lot of merchants also chase tourists while selling things and if you’re not interested, you can say, “La, shukran,” which means, “No, thank you.” Egyptians pronounce it as “La’ SHUK-ran.” Say this when someone approaches you with something that you’re not interested in purchasing and the likelihood is they will leave you alone.

Wear Something Light

Egyptian weather can be very hot. Temperatures can rise up to 39° C so visitors are advised to always bring some water while traveling and wear light clothing. Dehydration is a common occurrence in Egypt especially for people who are used to extremely cold temperatures. If you want to go somewhere cold, you can go to the coastal regions that provide awesome sights and cool hangout spots.

No Flash

Egypt is rich in ancient history. The country is home to a lot of famous tombs, as well as the final resting place of the most iconic female figure in Ancient Egypt: Cleopatra.

To the uninitiated, Cleopatra is considered the last pharaoh of Egypt. She is known for her beauty, elegance, grace, as well as her contributions that progressed society. She is still very prominent in today’s Egypt, and you’ll most likely see many monuments of her should you decide to enter historical sites.

Should you join a tour that ventures deep into the many tombs in Egypt, make sure you don’t to use a flash, as this is considered disrespectful to the pharaohs and mummies.

Beware of Scammers

When you arrive in Giza, some locals may tell you that
you need to ride a horse or camel as walking or driving to the pyramids are forbidden. This is not true. Some locals just want to profit from unsuspecting tourists. Anyone can walk or drive to the Giza Pyramids Complex, which is one of the most beautiful tourist spots in Egypt.

Enjoy Egypt! It’s a culturally-rich and beautiful country. So, if you love taking pictures of breathtaking sights, Egypt is certainly a place that you need to tick off your bucket list.

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    Stephanie Louise
    October 25, 2016 at 10:28 am

    Egypt is a dream destination! These tips are useful and thanks for them 🙂 I have a friend who recently came back from there, and my goodness, the photos are beautiful!

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