Travel Beauty Hacks: Don’t Leave Home Without These Staples

Keeping up with your beauty and health routine on the road can be a daunting task. At home, I tend to take ages getting myself fresh and ready for the day. When I’m traveling though, this just usually isn’t possible or practical.

These inexpensive items are easy to pack, will help you feel your best, and will also extend the life of your favorite makeup products! Best of all, these products have multiple uses and can be used in a pinch for minor medical issues, and other problems that may emerge during your travels!

 I always travel with these three products, and they have proven to be lifesavers every trip!


I love trying new beauty products, but I always keep this classic in my bag. Vaseline is cheap and comes in travel sizes perfect for your carry on. A little jar of petroleum jelly can be a lifesaver on a number of occasions:

  • Skincare: Sunburnt skin, poison ivy rashes, cracked elbows, chaffing, and dry skin can all be alleviated with vaseline. I always apply some liberally before take off, since airplane cabin pressure dries out skin. Most people don’t realize it’s non-comedogenic, meaning it won’t clog your pores. So, it can be used on your face as well as your body.
  • Foot Care: Applying vaseline to blisters, cracked heels, or liberally all over your feet can help make long days walking around new cities less painful. Sleep with vaseline and socks to wake up with incredibly soft and refreshed feet!
  • Make-up Booster and Remover: Covering your eyelids or cheeks with vaseline before applying eyeshadow, bronzer or bronzer, will leave you with a natural, dewy look. Vaseline also helps spread out the product’s pigmentation, helping you waste less of your favorite products. Applying vaseline where you normally spray your perfume will ensure the scent stays on longer as well. Dabbing a bit of vaseline to your teeth before applying lipstick will prevent any color from accidentally getting on your pearly whites! Smearing a bit of vaseline on your face removes leftover makeup, even waterproof eye makeup.
  • Other Uses: Carefully applying small amounts of vaseline to your split ends will minimize their appearance. This is helpful if you are in a country where you don’t feel comfortable getting a trim, or if you want to wait to see your stylist at home. Vaseline soothes burns and chaffing from extreme weather conditions. It can also help strengthen your nails, and give your cuticles a fresher appearance.

Castor Oil

Castor Oil was first suggested to me by a makeup artist I met on a plane earlier this year. When talking about eyelash extensions, she suggested applying the oil every night for longer eyelashes instead. After researching castor oil, I discovered it has a multitude of uses that aren’t just cosmetic.

  • Skin Problems: Sunburns, fungal infections, acne, and yeast infections can all be alleviated with castor oil. Applying castor oil to the affected area, and leaving it on for an hour or so can help. Obviously it’s always best to visit a doctor, but sometimes while traveling that’s not always an immediate option.
  • Hair and Scalp: Massaging castor oil into the scalp promotes hair growth. A few drops also makes a great leave in conditioner and makes your hair shinier – just be careful not to use too much! Castor oil has both antifungal and antibacterial properties, making it a good treatment for scalp conditions and dandruff as well It can also be applied to eyelids and eyebrows for longer lashes and thicker brows.
  • Joint Pain, Constipation, and Allergy Relief: Unfortunately, most travelers experience some sort of digestive issues on the road. One teaspoon of pure, cold-pressed castor oil per day can help treat constipation. In case you’re sore after a long trek or a day of sightseeing by foot, castor oil has anti-inflammatory properties. To soothe sore muscles and inflammation, cover a towel or cloth in castor oil and place it on the affected area for roughly an hour. A few drops of the oil taken orally can starkly reduce allergy symptoms, as the oil is naturally anti-allergic.

Consult your doctor before consuming castor oil orally. You should be careful about using too much castor oil on your face, as it is known to clog pores.

Read more about the many benefits and uses of castor oil here.

Baking Soda

Like vaseline, baking soda is a beauty classic and insanely cheap. It’s a great product because it can be used for cosmetic purposes, and also as a deodorizer. Some unexpected uses of baking soda include:

  • Baking soda mixed equally with water can be used as an exfoliant scrub for both the face and body.
  • Adding a bit of baking soda to your shampoo will help remove residue left from other styling products. This will leave your hair feeling much more clean and manageable. Some people even skip shampoo altogether and just use baking soda instead for similar results.
  •  Baking soda helps whiten teeth naturally. There are many methods for using it as both as a smile brightener and mouthwash. Read more here.
  • Baking soda can be used as deodorant. If possible mix it with perfume or favorite essential oil, and apply to your underarms.
  • A sealed bag of baking soda thrown into your suitcase, or dirty laundry will help keep your clothes smelling fresh!

What are some items you can’t leave home without? Do you keep up with your beauty and make-up rituals while traveling?


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    Laura @ Bottled Air
    May 2, 2015 at 4:03 am

    Yes, vaseline! I’m a big fan of vaseline as you can use it for everything. It takes up way less space in my backpack to just bring vaseline, instead of 12 different products. I’ve never used baking soda, but maybe I should give it a try? 🙂

    • Reply
      May 2, 2015 at 5:29 am

      Vaseline is definitely more multi-purpose, and easy to transport but baking soda has helped my hair A LOT. If you have space for it, I would totally recommend bring a small box along, or at least trying it out at home first 😀

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